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This is basically just an update to let anyone know who might have been watching this account that it's changing drastically. All digital/traditional drawings have been deleted (as I do not draw much anymore) so I can use this as another portfolio for my modeling endeavors.

I do some fashion work as well as artistic nudes, so keep that in mind. Please feel free to keep watching if you'd like - but it's understandable if you don't.

Have a great one and please feel free to give constructive criticism if you have any.

Just keep it to the modeling though - I'm not the photog. :)
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Thank you DA! :D

Thu May 19, 2005, 8:59 AM

Thanks DeviantArt!

Almost a year to the day since I last wrote a journal entry. But I thought this meritted it. The kind souls at DA have seen fit to bestow a free subscription upon me for a week - I'd heard a couple people crowing about it recently, but didn't think it would happen to me. I'm very excited, for the main reason that now I can search! I haven't had the time to submit anything lately, but maybe I will now.... Mainly, I'm just excited about quicker browsing without the ads and being able to search.


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Made it into Jester'Z in Scottsdale.

Medium Rare Improv is no more. David, Jeff Dubya and I all made it in - nice little ego boost here also: David and I were 2/3 of the new level 4's.

REALLY, REALLY, REALLY excited about it all, but am extremely sad to see MRI go. I will miss it muchly, as well as the people. Luckily I'm dating one and go to church with the other 2.... XD

Jester'Z Home
I'm in love with Photoshop.

Should Jeff ever get horribly disfiguired, I think I have found his replacement.

Photoshop does things for me no man ever could.

Photoshop, you complete me!

.... I love you Photoshop....
Finally made an avatar small enough to post here.

It's brown and pink and completely devoid of any animation, fun or uniqueness! Wee!
*looks at the "must urinate now" emoticon*


That's hilarious!

If only I could aim like that. Boys have it so easy.

I <3 that emoticon.
Totally new here.

Had a friend join, and since I am all about one-upping people, I followed suit. ^^

Good Lawd, you people are totally nice!

*wipes away a tear*

Think I'm gonna like it here...